Internships in Hospitality

  • Hospitality Intern: Chicago, IL

    Training will be focused on rotations.

    Participants will also be responsible for managing communications between guests and other departments within the hotel, reservations, room service operations, managing front of house/guest finances, advising guests.
    $8-$13 per hour. $13/hour for front of house operations rotations, $8/hour + tips for guest services, room service operations rotations. Opportunity to receive raises.

  • Food and Beverage Intern: Bretton Woods, NH

    Training will be focused on front and back of house operations in the food and beverage department, guest services, learning the lodge’s culture of a high level of service and standards.

    Participants will also be involved in activities to develop guest service skills, with the majority of training spent interacting and serving guests, engaging in management training of food and beverage operations, cross training with other supervisors/managers in other areas of the lodge.
    Onsite housing is provided for $45 per week.

  • Culinary Intern: Interior, SD

    Historic hotel resort

    Training will be focused on managing special requests from the Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Director.
    Candidates will also perform all shift preparation functions accurately and efficiently including cleaning and organizing the cooking line, stocking and rotating baked goods as needed, performing appropriate cooking adjustments at guests’ requests.
    Candidates will also be responsible for advising the Chef of supplies needed, the Front of House Manager of servers for special product serving techniques, managing the opening and closing the pantry stations and inventory control.
    Free on-site housing.

  • Hospitality Intern: Ogunquit, ME

    Historic resort hotel

    Training will be focused on rotations throughout all divisions of the resort with a focus on front of house operations, guest services and food and beverage departments.
    Candidates will also be responsible for managing communications between guests and other departments, handling reservations, managing front of house, scheduling, event planning, marketing, revenue and inventory management.
    Onsite housing is provided for $300 per month.

  • Culinary Intern: Savannah, GA

    Intern will be introduced to the culinary basics, cold food production and hot food cooking techniques.

    Training will include rotation throughout the kitchen covering all departments as well as learning about kitchen administration and operations.
    On-site housing is provided for the first 2 weeks. Candidates will be responsible for the search of their own accommodation for the remainder of the internship.

  • Hospitality Management: Agawam, MA

    Hospitality management internship at amusement park in Massachusetts.

    No experience required.
    Interview will be face-to-face.
    For selection, team member must work either Memorial Day or Labor Day to be considered for employment.

  • Food and Beverage Rotation: Farmington, PA

    Food and beverage rotation in a Pennsylvania resort.

  • Culinary Rotation at hotel: Phoenix, AZ

    Culinary background of at least two years or culinary degree.

    Resume and Interview are required.

  • Culinary Training: Horseshoe Bay, TX

    Culinary training in a Texas resort. The training includes food preparation, kitchen training and culinary rotations.

    Company housing is provided but requires a deposit of $300 and a weekly rent of $75 - $125 depending on the accommodation.
    Culinary experience preferred. Culinary background (education) required. Must have a good level of English.

  • Culinary Arts Training: Chandler, AZ

    Must have at least 5 years of work experience and exposure, whether in school or practice, to both barbecue and salad skills/techiniques, especially those who have worked in a restaurant before.

    English level: Intermediate and up

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