Rooms Trainee. The Ritz Hotel. FL

Type of Business: Rooms Trainee. The Ritz Hotel. FL - Click to Apply
Type of Position Needed: Rooms Trainee. The Ritz Hotel. FL
State: FL
Requested Start Date: As soon as possible
Requested Duration: 6 months
Number of working hours: 35/40
Type of payment: $10 / $12 per hour
Is Housing Provided? $135 week
Job Position Details: The Ritz Hotel, a 5 Star Resort. Key Biscayne, FL

Rotations can be through Front Desk, Spa Desk, Retail, inventory, Laundry & Housekeeping. Key Biscayne is an island minutes from Miami.

You can also check the "Internship training USA" programme description. This will answer most of your general questions and explain the application process.
Pre-requisite: Hospitality degree AND at least 1.5 years experience in Rooms