Marketing/International Business Intern: Manhattan

Type of Business: Marketing/International Business Intern: Manhattan - Click to Apply
Type of Position Needed: Marketing/International Business Intern: Manhattan
State: NY
Requested Start Date: August 2010
Requested Duration: 9 - 10 months
Type of payment: $390 - $780/month
Is Housing Provided? Yes, temp
Job Position Details: International English teacher training school

Training will include developing knowledge of key concepts of education management and marketing strategies of curriculum development. They will also learn staff and resource management systems, liasing with tourist organizations and booking agencies to arrange excursions for students, launching marketing strategies for developing company products in different markets.

Advertising, promotions, sales strategies, negotiating, budget preparation and financial planning skills will also be covered.

Salary of $390 per month for the first 3 months, $780 permonth after 4 months after a positive performance review.

1 month of free housing, participant is responsible for finding housing for remainder of programme.

Candidates with previous International Marketing/International Business experience are encouraged to apply.

You can also check the "Internship training USA" programme description. This will answer most of your general questions and explain the application process.
Pre-requisite: Candidates must have excellent English communication skills as well as well spoken Japanese or Korean language skills.

Advanced Outlook, Work and Excel software knowledge.