Website Development Intern/Trainee

Type of Business: Website Development Intern/Trainee - Click to Apply
Type of Position Needed: Website Development Intern/Trainee
State: ID
Requested Start Date: June - November 2009
Requested Duration: Minimum of 3 months
Number of working hours: 32-40
Type of payment: Unpaid
Job Position Details: This company is a leader in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), website design and affiliate marketing. They help companies to be found online and succeed through innovative marketing and business development solutions.

Work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Online advertisement
Reach core clients
Use to supplement reports generated from Google Analytics
Professional blog writing
Revision of blogs for mistakes and finalizing blogs to be posted
Analyze professional blogs written by other in the SEO industry
Meet with company staff regularly to discuss prospects and target markets. Read and understand their processes, shadow the teams members and sit in on client meetings as well as sales calls.
Written submission plans
Identify online advertising restrictions or laws (if any)
Identify applicable taxes
Identify industries or markets most likely to benefit from SEO services.

J-1 should bring at least $800 with them upon arrival.
You can also check the "Internship training USA" programme description. This will answer most of your general questions and explain the application process.
Pre-requisite: 2nd year or higher in IT, business, or a related field of study from a university outside of the U.S. (preferably grad students or grad level)
Strong command of English language
1 year of work experience
Knowledge / experience in developing within PHP, MySQL and Ajax (work is focused on design integration - front end User Interface)
Ability to communicate via email with clients
Applicant should enjoy a creative, fast-paced environment