Museum Business Administration Intern/Trainee

Type of Business: Museum Business Administration Intern/Trainee - Click to Apply
Type of Position Needed: Museum Business Administration Intern/Trainee
State: HI
Requested Duration: 3 months +
Number of working hours: 40
Type of payment: Unpaid
Job Position Details: Internships in A National Historic Landmark Museum accredited by the American Association of Museums. Candidates will learn the concepts of business administration within a museum setting. Participants will gain insight and practical experience in public relations, museum education, collections management, and guest services. Candidates will also execute tour plans, conduct research on museum collections, and help to prepare exhibitions.

Housing is not provided although employer will help search.

J-1 should bring at least $800 with them upon arrival.
You can also check the "Internship training USA" programme description. This will answer most of your general questions and explain the application process.
Pre-requisite: Business, Communications, Museum studies experience or related educational background preferred. Must have an interest in museum studies, history, or anthropology. Excellent English communication skills required.